Dating someone who gets cold sores

These two conditions can appear very similar and should not be self-diagnosed. Cold sores are generally contracted from skin to skin contact with an infected area.For example, if someone has a cold sore on their lip they can pass on the virus to another person’s mouth through kissing.Cold sores can also appear on the fingers, this is referred to as ‘Herpes Whitlow‘.

However, it is possible to transfer the different viruses to other areas of the body.During an outbreak, the population of virus particles becomes less and less as the cold sore runs its course.There is a much smaller amount of virus particles present when the sore is healing and when the scab has formed.HSV1 (or cold sores) can be transferred to the genitals through oral sex.In the same way, HSV2 (or genital herpes) can be transferred to the mouth. It is estimated that 80% percent of the American population have been exposed to the Herpes simplex virus (which is the virus that causes cold sores). An interesting fact is that although a person has been infected with the herpes and cold sore virus, they may not necessarily experience an outbreak.

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