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The rarest type among men and the third least common type among women, we need more INFJs in our life!

INFJ Meaning INFJ stands for introverted (I), intuitive (N), feeling (F) and judging (J).

Other Names for INFJ How to Recognize an INFJ INFJ Interests, Hobbies and Learning Style INFJ in Love, Dating and Relationships How to Get an INFJ Like You INFJ Strengths INFJ Weaknesses INFJ Decision-Making Style INFJ as Leaders Random Facts About INFJ Adjectives to Describe INFJ INFJ Careers INFJ Jobs Famous INFJ People INFJ Characters The Rarest Personality Type INFJ — the rarest personality type that makes up only about 2 percents of the general population.

Caring, nurturing, understanding INFJ men and women often seem to understand us better than we understand ourselves.

Being intuitive means you tend to focus on patterns and possibilities rather than facts and details.

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CONTENTS The Rarest Personality Type What INFJ Stands For?

Interests, Hobbies and Learning Style INFJ people learn best in an independent environment that gives them opportunity for reflection and creativity.

They particularly enjoy writing and will often choose liberal arts as a college major.

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